Decentralized, yield-bearing synthetics with zero-slippage trading

nuMoney are any of the synthetic assets minted via the numa protocol. Users burn $NUMA tokens in order to mint nuMoney, such as $nuUSD or $nuBTC or $nuGOLD. The value is transferred 1:1 or dollar-for-dollar. For example, if a user wants to mint $500 worth of $nuUSD, they will burn $500 worth of $NUMA tokens.

nuMoney are standard ERC-20 tokens on Arbitrum. As such, they are publicly traded and can be incorporated into any protocol that employs the ERC-20 standard. The initial assets available at protocol launch will be $nuUSD (USD) and $nuBTC (Bitcoin) and $nuGOLD (Gold). In the future, there will be a myriad of nuMoney, which will be released according to the needs of our partners and in consultation with the numa community. Any asset with a price feed can be offered as nuMoney.

Initially, the primary focus will be on fiat currencies and commodities, as we pursue bringing real-world assets onto the blockchain. Additional cryptocurrencies and even bonds and equities are possibilities in the future. nuMoney are initially minted and pegged to the price of publicly-traded assets—such as USD or BTC or Gold—via a Chainlink oracle to access a price feed. Price pegs are maintained through a combination of transparent proof-of-reserves and arbitrage.

nuMoney can be single-staked to earn sustainable, real yield—as a structural part of the protocol. Our rETH vault allows the protocol to award real yield on assets that wouldn't normally earn yield, such as commodities. nuMoney can also be swapped for other nuMoney synthetics with zero-slippage, such as $nuUSD to $nuBTC.

To exit nuMoney positions, users can either sell their tokens into an LP or they can burn their nuMoney and mint $NUMA.

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