Zero-Slippage Trading

Why trade on Uniswap if you can trade with zero-slippage on the numa protocol?

Users have the ability to directly trade between different nuMoney synthetics and the $NUMA token without slippage: e.g., users are able to trade between $nuUSD and $nuBTC. This provides value above the capabilities and fees associated with existing DEXs, since there is no slippage and fees are lower—all within the numa app. To accomplish this, the token that is "sold" is burned, while the token that is "bought" is minted. So, if a user wants to trade $nuUSD for $nuBTC, the $nuUSD is burned and the corresponding value of $nuBTC is minted. Zero-slippage trades incur a 0.2% transaction fee which is distributed to the numa protocol treasury.

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