Beliefs & Values

Decentralization and transparency

At numa, we believe in the empowering values of decentralized finance. We believe the blockchain provides the greatest opportunity for protecting individual financial sovereignty. And our goal is to further this opportunity by bringing real-world, real yield assets onto the blockchain and into the hands of users. We see immense opportunity in giving people power over their own money and their own transactions.

Combined with the importance of real-world use cases, numa believes that user experience is of the utmost importance in crypto adoption. As such, a main focus in the development process will be to create interfaces which are simpler and easier-to-use than other protocols in the industry. Further, our focus is to partner with consumer-facing institutions which will bring new users onto the blockchain.

We strive to be as transparent and community-oriented as possible, since we believe that there are many others who are passionate about the same opportunities and have plenty of skills and ideas to bring to the table. We believe that the value of a project is in the value of its community to create the best protocol that addresses the needs of its users. As part of this commitment, we highly value user experience and make it a major focus of our work.

numa is...

Decentralized—The numa protocol removes the custodian of typical stablecoins and is dedicated to on-chain collateral, so the protocol cannot be stopped, so long as the blockchain keeps running.

Trustless—Don't trust banks, and don't trust stablecoin issuers. nuMoney are on-chain and transparent.

Permissionless—The numa protocol is universally accessible and censorship resistant.

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