This is numa—

Real-world assets 🤝 liquid-staking yield 🤝 zero-slippage trading

Why hold GOLD if you can hold nuGOLD and earn real yield?

Why trade on Uniswap if you can trade with zero-slippage on numa?


✔️ numa brings real-world assets to the blockchain, minting synthetics on Arbitrum.

✔️ numa utilizes burn and mint tokenomics to collateralize synthetics on-chain and remove custodians.

✔️ $NUMA tokens are backed by the rETH vault—the collateral snowball.

✔️ numa utilizes liquid-staked ETH to pay yield on real-world assets that otherwise wouldn't earn yield.

✔️ numa provides zero-slippage trading through its synthetic swaps.

✔️ numa provides the network for low-cost, permissionless payments across various off-chain currencies.

✔️ numa is the backend network for consumer-facing payments, trades, forex, and more.

NOTE: This white paper is a living document whose contents may be modified.

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